Bordescros Yuletide Gathering 

15 December 2018


Albury Wodonga Sport Fishing Club, 4 Lockheed Drive, East Albury


Join our Bordescros family & friends for a celebration
of all the good things of the Yuletide season. 

Newcomers and Wayfarers are as always very welcome!



As our last gathering of the year, we all hope to have a rollicking great time! We’ll be enjoying arts & sciences, heavy fighting, feasting, and–if we are all (relatively) well-behaved–perhaps a visit from a jolly bearded man in red!*

*Parents who’d like to participate, please bring a small gift (suggested spend $5 or less) to be given out to your child(ren). 


Arts & Sciences

The Arts and Sciences competitions will be:
– Toys and Games
– Sweets
– Norse culture
– Open

If you have any questions about entering our arts & sciences competitions, please contact our Arts & Sciences Officer, the Honorable Lord Gunther Boese at bulterstrainor@gmail.com.


Yule Tournament

There will be a Yule Tournament for heavy combatants in the afternoon (followed by rapier if there are enough proponents of the art present), Archery (weather permitting), games,  and more. If you wish to participate in the heavy fighting, don’t forget to bring a box (groin protection), and wear comfortable clothing & closed toe shoes.



At the end of the day there will  of course be our potluck Fabulous Festive Feast, followed by dancing and singing.  Musicians would be particularly welcome.

The feast usually begins about 6-7 p.m. Please bring a contribution to the feast.  If you are looking for ideas as to what to bring, please let us know–though ideas can be as simple as a roast chook, fruit (try to avoid tropical fruit like bananas, they’re out of period), or bread and cheese.


The necessary bits

The cost is $10.00 for adult members,  child members under 16 are free.   As there is a $5.00 per person insurance levy payable for all non-members regardless of age, adult non-members are $15, and child non-members are $5.

If you are not a member and would like to join, please go to https://registry.sca.org.au/  It is $35 a year for adults, with those under 18 free when listed with their parent/guardian membership.

It will be necessary to wear an attempt at pre-1600 clothing, but we do have some that can be borrowed for the event.  A long belt is a good idea to bring with you.

No bookings are required, but if you would like to let us know if you are attending, that would be appreciated. You can let us know either on our Facebook or by emailing scabordescros@gmail.com.

Hope to see you soon! God Jul!