November Crown AS53 (2018)

Join us on 10 and 11 November 2018 at the Nell Wilson Pavillion, Wodonga Racecourse, Wodonga Victoria to witness the contest among those who would serve this Kingdom as King and Queen.

More details to come soon, but here is the preliminary information to enable you to start planning and booking.  Please send any enquiries regarding this event email the steward at

The event will be styled in the form of the Renaissance in Europe, with travellers welcome to share in the splendour and delights of that time.

The major focus of the event is, of course, the Crown Tournament.   This will be followed by a magnificent Victory Feast.  There will also be markets, entertainment, games and of course the meetings that keep our fine Kingdom progressing.

To ensure that the Crown Tournament is given the priority it deserves, the gate will be closed at 1.15 pm on Saturday and will not open again until the conclusion of the Tournament.


 Prior to 30 Aug Prior to 30 Oct 1 Nov to Gate
Member – adult 60.00 70.00 80.00
Member – child 5-17 (school age) 30.00 35.00 45.00
Family -2 adults 2+5-17 180.00 210.00 240.00
Day rate – adult 25.00 30.00 40.00
Day rate – child 5-17 12.00 15.00 20.00
Feast only – adult 25.00 30.00 35.00
Feast only – child 5-17 15.00 20.00 25.00

$5.00 cost added for non-members of all ages.Includes lunch Saturday and Sunday, and Victory Feast.  Children members below school age free of charge.

Feast only cost applies only to those who arrive after 6.30 p.m. otherwise its is day plus feast.

Booking form is here  

For enquiries regarding bookings please contact Booking Steward, Lord Gunther Boese,at


We are pleased that we are now able to provide limited onsite camping, but it must be booked prior to 31 October.

The cost is $10 per site per night for unpowered, $20 per night per site for powered.   


There is limited billet accommodation available with local members.   There are a wide variety of accommodation options available in Wodonga and Albury ranging from Bed and Breakfasts, Camping, Motels and Hotels.

Further information can be found at


Tournaments a Plenty

  • Mongolian Archery
  • Rapier Tournament
  • Tournament of the Rose

If you are intending on entering any of these tournaments, please let us know by email to


A Tournament of the Rose  has been added on Sunday morning, with the time to be confirmed.


9.00 am                         Site opens

10.00 am                       Mongolian Archery Competition begins

10.30 am                       Games on the Lawns

10.30 am                      Meeting with Crown and all Crown Tournament entrants

10.30 am                       Kingdom A&S and Broiderers Guild Competitions open

12.00 pm                      Lunch

12.30 pm                      Crown Lists open/Armour inspections

1.30 pm                         Invocation Court

2.30 pm                         Crown Tournament begin

s4.00 pm                         Investiture of Royal Heirs (or evening Court)  Presentation of Wreaths of Valour and Chivalry

4.30 pm                         A&S Competition Judging

4.30 pm                        Rapier Tournament Inspection/Lists open

5.00 pm                        Rapier Tournament begins

5.00 pm                         Early serving of Feast for children under 10

5.00 pm                        Regalia/Council of the Purse

6.00 pm                         Order of Chivalry Meeting

7.00 pm                         Champion’s Feast  begins    –   Royal Court during Feast


8.00 am                         Site opens

9.00 am                         Pelican meeting

9.00 am                         Tournament of the Rose Lists open/armour inspection

9.30 am                         Tournament begins

10.30 am                       Laurel meeting

11.30 pm                      Closing Court

12.00                              Lunch

2.00 pm                         Site closes