Can’t leave the house? Plague got you down? Join the Shire of Bordescros as we seek to share joy, good health, and celebrate …

VirtYULE (Virtual Yule).

When? Saturday 25 July 2020 starting from 5:30 pm (Feasting starts at 6:00 pm)
Where? Your place!
How? via Zoom (or Discord as a backup)

Dress in garb (required), create a period-esque space (or use a virtual backdrop, both optional), and prepare your own feast!

There were many ideas in period on food that promoted “good humours” (health). Everyone attending is encouraged seek out recipes to try that would suit this prescription and share the details (and evaluate the meal) during the feast. Documentation for the recipe, including evidence where the meal (or parts of it) were considered to contribute to “good humours” in period, can be submitted as an A&S project (theme: good humours).

Price: In line with the SCA Ltd virtual event policy, this is a free event for members and non-members.

Booking: Email the steward to book a place (receive connection details). Please provide the name and contact details of those attending (guardian details for under-18s) as per SCA Ltd Virtual Events policy