Types of Arts and Sciences

Here is a list of some of the Arts, Crafts and Sciences from A – Z that were practised somewhere, at some time in history. The SCA period officially covers 600 AD – 1600 AD, but many of the crafts and sciences date from well Before the Common Era (BCE). So whether you want to try to recreate some archane Byzantine craft, an elegant Renaissance art, or just research some history – A&S is a good place to start!

A Archeology; Astronomy; Alchemy; Armouring; Animal Husbandry; Anthropology; Agriculture;
B Brewing; Blacksmithing; Bookbinding; Bowmaking; Beadmaking; Basketry; Bone Carving; Bestiaries;
C Calligraphy; Cooking; Costuming; Cosmetics; Cheesemaking; Cartography; Corsetry;
D Dancing; Dance Reconstruction; Diplomacy;
E Embroidery; Equestrian Activities; Education; Engraving; Engineering;
F Felting; Fingerloop braiding; Fencing; Fletching; Fishing; Food; Fortune-telling; Furniture;
G Gardening; Greeks; Games; Glassmaking; Goldsmithing;
H Herbs; Health; Hats; Hunting; Heraldry; Hygiene; Hermits; Horns;
I Illumination; Ice-skating; Instrument Making;
J Jewelry making; Jesting; Jousting; Jams & Preserves;
K Knitting; Knifemaking; Kitchenwares; Knotwork;
L Lacemaking; Leatherworking; Lamps & Lighting; Lyres;
M Metallurgy; Markets; Music; Maps; Milling; Masonry; Mangonels;
N Numerology; Njaalbinding; Navigation;
O Ostragoths; Ottoman Empire; Onagers;
P Poetry; Philosophy; Printing; Pottery; Painting; Puppetry; Plays; Pets; Pageants; Privateers and pirates; Portraiture;
Q Quilling; Quilting;
R Rapier; ; Romans; Regalia; Reliquaries; Royalty; Runes;
S Smithing; Swords; Sewing; Singing; Shoemaking; Soapmaking; Stone Carving; Ships & Sports; Superstitions; Subtleties; Sailing; Sanitation;
T Tatting; Tourneys; Theatre; Tablet Weaving; Taverns; Tapestry; Trebuchets;
U Underwear & Underpinnings;
V Vikings; Vintning; Vandals;
W Woodwork; Weapons; Writing; Wallhangings; Wirework;
X X-Marks the Spot! [Maps/Piracy/Navigation];
Y Yurts;
Z Zoology; Zoomorphics.

*For practical applications see the Martial Page.