Border War XXII

  February 21st to 23rd (AS 54 – CE 2020) 

Snowy River Camp, 768 Tallangatta Creek Rd, TALLANGATTA VALLEY VIC 3701 

Theme: The Rus v the Horde 

Held on the last full weekend of February, Border War offers War Scenarios, Woods Battle, Tourneys, Rapier, Archery, Equestrian and Bardic Activities, not to mention Games, Fishing and Swimming! 

Attention:  *We are planning to feast out doors this year, in the pear orchard, weather permitting. 
For your comfort please bring a picnic blanket and/or a chair.   There will be tables available as well.

*Victorian event, so please comply with the Lochac Weapons Regulations. 
* Mundane swim wear is required for the pool and dam.

* Accessibility: Farm tracks with gravel, grass elsewhere & paving around the dorms/kitchen.

Accommodation: camping; unpowered caravan sites; dorms.

Meals: All meals from Friday night through to Sunday lunch including options for most dietary issues. Friday night: Mongolian barbecue; breakfasts that include themed options as well as the usual hot English breakfasts; a cold collation for day-board and an exotic Eastern European/Mongolian feast. Please advise any specific food allergies or preferences when booking. 
IF YOU WOULD LIKE EXPERIENCE IN AN EVENT KITCHEN, please contact the stewards at and put KITCHEN as the subject.

For those who do not wish to participate in the fighting, there will be a range of Arts and Sciences activities available, plus games and the market on the Village Green. This includes children’s activities, as usual.


On this weekend in 1598 Boris Godunov, the Chet Boyar, became the Tsar of Russia ending centuries of Rurikid rule. So we have chosen the northern Rus v the south/eastern Hordes as our theme.  In keeping with the theme we will include Mongolian and/or Norse wrestling on the Village Green on Saturday.

MARTIAL:  Gather your War Band: Baronial, Shire or Household; don your armour and break out your fanciest banners, the Declaration of War will be made at Saturday morning’s Opening Gathering on the Village Green, when War Bands will parade in all their heraldic glory before the populace to declare the side they will support! Fighters are also asked to bring an item for the War Chest.  War Points include all fighting styles: archery, heavy, rapier. (See below)
This year will include a Woods Battle: a resurrection battle over a set period of time, the win will be granted to the side in possession of the War Banner when the horn blows. 

ARTS & SCIENCES: Workshops, Competitions, Bardic activities: A&S Competitions count towards War Points. (See below)

Competitions: * Life’s Necessities  * Life’s Luxuries  * Martial Life
For the Children’s Challenge: Life’s Necessities: EDUCATION; Life’s Luxuries – GAMES children played; Martial Life: Anything to do with ARCHERY.  [Competition items to be on display by 10 am Saturday; judging will take place throughout Saturday and on Sunday morning.]

Bardic: Friday Night – Boasting and Gesting (aka Pick, Pass or Play); Saturday Night – the 8th Memorial ‘Mouth from the South’ Bardic Challenge: a chance to honour those we have lost with songs, tales, theatre, poetry and filk. Theme: Open, but extra points if the piece matches the Rus/Horde event theme  (If you decide to put on a theatrical performance or act, please keep it under/around 10 minutes.)

Workshops: tba.  We invite all those in the Kingdom who would like to share their knowledge and expertise of any of the Arts and Sciences with those attending Border War to contact us at: (please put A&S as the subject).

CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES: Archery, including a Monster Hunt; Games; special A&S categories (as above); welcome to all A&S classes; Boffer tourney. Also, under parental supervision, swimming in the pool or at the dam. 

EQUESTRIAN ACTIVITIES: Snowy River Camp is a working farm which has: shaded horse yards with water on tap, a shady float parking area, a menage and several paddocks where classes and games can be held. New to Border War, this is a chance for local horse owners to learn from, and play with, the equestrian community of the SCA. Horses from areas affected by Equine Flu will need a Vet’s Certificate to attend. Other companion animals by arrangement only, please email the stewards on (please put COMPANION ANIMAL as the subject).

MARKET: If you would like a stall/table, see booking sheet for details. [Fee: a donation to the War chest.]



This is a competition that encompasses all aspects of Border War for War Bands/Households consisting of up to 8 members.   The group entry with the highest overall score will be the winner and take home the War Chest to which all participants are requested to contribute. To earn WAR POINTS there will be:

  • War Scenarios
  • Woods Battle
  • Fighter Tournament
  • Archery Tournament
  • Fencing Tournament
  • Arts & Sciences Competition
  • The 8th Gywnfor Llwyd Memorial ‘Mouth From the South’ Bardic Competition
  • Best Presented War Band (to be judged during the Declaration of War straight after Armour Inspection on Saturday morning)

Points will be awarded for entering an activity and to the War Bands on the winning side of each battle, and there will be a points system for the tournaments and competitions:  1 point per entrant in each activity (1 point per A&S category) or war scenario with bonus points for first (3), second (2) & third (1).

Please bring something to add to the War Chest.


GATE OPEN Friday 3 pm
The program will be pretty much as usual, garb optional on Friday night, details tba closer to the War

Click here for the booking form. 

BELOW are details of prices:

EFT Details:
Acc Name      Society of Creative Anachronism – Bordescros
Bank               Westpac
BSB                 032769
Account No.  632441


PAYMENT PLAN:  How the payment plan works: book early, then each payday, fortnight or month make a part payment. EXAMPLE: If you book at early bird price and pay the deposit before September 30th, that gives you 8 fortnights or 16 weeks to pay off the event by January 31st.   
NON-MEMBERS please add insurance fee. (NOTE the insurance fee is $5 at the time of publication, but may need to be altered subject to SCA Ltd ruling.)

MEMBERS Camping$115$75
MEMBERS Dorm BYO Bed Linen$140$100
BED LINEN for Dorm, must be booked in advance$25
HORSE shady yard, water on tap, BYO everything else$10
DAY ONLY (No feast):  incl lunch$45$25
FEAST ONLY:  $20$10
NON-MEMBER Insurance$5
October and November 2019: DEPOSIT OF $40 PER ADULT PAID PRIOR TO NOVEMBER 30, 2019 and FULL PAYMENT BY JANUARY 31, 2020ADULTMINOR (3-16)Each
MEMBERS Camping$120$80
MEMBERS Dorm BYO Bed Linen$145$105
BED LINEN for Dorm, must be booked in advance$25
HORSE shady yard, water on tap, BYO everything else$10
DAY ONLY (No feast):  incl lunch$50$30
FEAST ONLY:  $25$15
NON-MEMBER Insurance$5
December 2019 and January 2020: ADULTMINOR (3-16)Each
MEMBERS Camping$130$90
MEMBERS Dorm BYO Bed Linen$155$115
BED LINEN for Dorm, must be booked in advance$25
HORSE shady yard, water on tap, BYO everything else$10
DAY ONLY (No feast):  incl lunch$60$40
FEAST ONLY:  $25$15
NON-MEMBER Insurance$5
After February 1st, 2019 (& at the Gate):ADULTMINOR (3-16)Each
MEMBERS Camping$140$100
MEMBERS Dorm BYO Bed Linen$165$125
BED LINEN for Dorm, must be booked in advance$25
HORSE shady yard, water on tap, BYO everything else$10
DAY ONLY (No feast):  incl lunch$70$50
FEAST ONLY:  n/an/a
NON-MEMBER Insurance$5


Contact the Event Steward Lady Lowry at