Want to find out more about the SCA and the Shire of Bordescros? Contact our Seneschal or Deputy Seneschal

Seneschal – Lady Kolgríma Hrafnsdóttir (Kim Palmer – based in Wodonga)
seneschal@bordescros.lochac.sca.org  or  04.3714.7777


Deputy Seneschal of the Incipient Shire of Strathcorbie – Lady Helga of Bordescros (Helen South – based in Wagga Wagga)


Want to join in the monthly fighter training? Contact your local Marshal

Albury/Wodonga – Mistress Thomasina Coke (Tamsin Walle-Semmler) tamsin.walle@bigpond.com

Alternate contact: Robert Campbell (Scott Murrowood)  0407 674 470  smyolke@yahoo.com.au


Wagga Wagga –  Eadric Grimm (Brad Minehan)  – contact through   deputyseneschal@bordescros.lochac.sca.org


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Vacant (currently taken on by Lady Kolgríma Hrafnsdóttir)


A full list of the current Shire Officers and their contact email addresses can be found on the Officers page.

You can also find us on Facebook as Bordescros Seneschal SCA