Medieval Cookery

The SCA has something for everyone, and no matter where your interests lie, everyone enjoys a good feast!

If you’d like to connect with other SCAdians across Lochac who have an interest in creating medieval food and beverages, you may like to join the Cooks Guild or the Brewers Guild.

The below recipes have been gathered by The Honorable Lady Thomasina Coke and other Bordescros locals.




Candy Loaves

Drie in de Pan

Pets (nothing to do with animals, promise)

Applemoyse & Snowe

Daryol (Custard tarts)


Savoury dishes

Cheesy Bakehouse Pudding

Ember Day Tart


Meat dishes

To Stew Fillets of Beefe

Saugee (Cold Pork in Sage Sauce)

Chickin (several chicken-based recipes)



Bearenfang (Bear bait) [alcoholic]

Rosello (Rose Petal Liqueur) [alcoholic]



More medieval recipes can be found at the following websites:

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